Living off grid | Making Poison
Living off grid | Making Poison

Living off grid | Making Poison

Living off | Making Poison

Making Poisonous Insecticide from Rhubarb Leaves – DANGEROUS, Making Comfrey tea fertiliser and getting more plants into the forest garden.Updates on plans as per usual too. Raw vlog style footage.

*Rhubarb leaf contains oxalic acid, it is lethal DO NOT consume it!*

Boil 500 grams of rhubarb leaves in a few pints of water for about 20 minutes. Allow leaf mixture to cool. Strain the liquid into a CHILD PROOF/SAFE suitable container or sprayer. Add a tiny bit of dish detergent or soap flakes, (not laundry detergent). I don’t add detergent but i’ve heard it helps the mixture.

Comfrey fertiliser tea

Pick the green leaves from the Comfrey plant and place them in a bin or a bucket, pushing them down firmly. I usually use a simple 5-gallon bucket. You can put a large rock or brick on top to weigh them down, and then fill the bucket with water.

You can chop or shred the leaves to speed up the process.

Make sure to cover the bucket. This will keep away pesky insects, prevent dilution from rainwater, and most importantly, keep your whole garden from stinking if this is an issue for you.

Leave the bucket to steep for around 3-6 weeks so you have a good strong fertiliser.

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