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Bláberja is a fruity and unusual mix of juicy berries and woody aromas. Made from the 100% pure essential oils of howood, vanilla and a blueberry fragrance.

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Bláberja is a fruity and unusual mix of juicy berries and woody aromas. Made from the 100% pure essential oils of howood, vanilla and a blueberry fragrance.

We use only the best carrier oils, no cheap fillers, we wanted to formulate a blend that truly promotes strong and healthy beard growth and improves condition. Additionally, these oils will tone, moisturise and improve skin condition. Calming irritation and preventing ingrown hairs, the blends will banish beard itch and discomfort. These oils can be used in addition to our complementary beard balms.

Each 30ml bottle comes packaged in a glass amber dropper bottle. This will preserve the oils and their efficacy. Sent in a protective kraft cardboard tube, made from 100% recycled cardboard

All ingredients are vegan and cruelty free in origin. The components and the finished product are not tested on other animals.

Every hand blended and poured bottle of our beard oils contains the following blend of carrier oils:

Jojoba – A fantastic healing oil, with additional anti-microbial properties. Due to being very close to the chemical composition of our natural skin oils (sebum), this oil is fast to absorb and is suitable for sensitive or irritated skin. Due to these properties it’s also beneficial for acne prone skin.

Sweet almond – Easily absorbed and rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Rich in antioxidants that promote blood flow and nutrient circulation to the skin and follicles, promoting growth.

Coconut – Quickly absorbed by skin and hair, fantastic conditioning properties. Nourishing essential fatty acids, thought to encourage growth, this oil will prevent hair breakage and split ends further contributing to hair length.

Argan – An oil rich in linoleic acid, omega 6, and tocopherols. Adds nourishing and regenerative properties. Essential fatty acids can reduce inflammation, phytosterols protect collagen and phenolic compounds neutralise free radicals.

Broccoli Seed – Another light and easily absorbed oil, protects against thermal damage and smooths the hair cuticle. Contains erucic acid, another omega-fatty acid, which imparts a silicone-like sheen and adds lustre to hair.

Hazelnut – Another great non-greasy moisturiser and toner for the skin. It also promotes cell regeneration and strengths capillaries for better circulation and nutrient delivery to skin and hair.

Brazil nut – Comprised of palmitic, oleic, linoleic and alpha linolenic acids, with amounts of myristic and stearic acids and phytosterols. Brazil nuts are thought to provide the highest natural source of selenium. Perfect addition to condition and renew dry and lifeless hair. Detergent properties help to clean the hair.

Macadamia Nut- One of the best regenerative oils available, and again, close to natural skin oils lending protective qualities to the blend. A lovely healing oil for scars, sunburn, minor abrasions and other irritants.

Essential oils and extract unique to our Bláberja range:

Howood – known as a calming oil promoting peace, a good choice for when you need to relax and unwind. Fresh and woody, with a bright and warm quality.

Vanilla – rich, sweet and familiar scent


Using the dropper, dispense a small amount of the oil into the palms of your hands and warm the oils by rubbing your palms together. Apply evenly throughout your beard and distribute thoroughly, massage the oil into the skin on your face for maximum benefit.

Our base oils do contain several nut oils, so please test the product before using on a small area of skin such as inner elbow if you suspect that you may be allergic to any ingredients. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts. It is the protein in the nut that causes an allergic response, these should be removed during processing, but these proteins could remain in trace amounts.

Amount guidance

1 – Stubble – 1-2 drops
2 – Short/Small Beard – 3-4 drops
3 – Medium Beard – 5-6 drops
4 – Large Beard – 7-8 drops
5 – Extra Large Beard – 9 -10 drops
6 – Mega Beard – 11+ drops

This is all just recommendation, it really comes down to what your personal preferences are.