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Inspired by Krampus the Xmas demon himself, our Krampus blend uses 100% essential oils of sweet orange, cedarwood, cinnamon and Siberian fir. A spicy and uplifting, citrusy, festive winter scent.

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Inspired by Krampus the Xmas demon himself, our Krampus blend uses 100% essential oils of sweet orange, cedarwood, cinnamon and Siberian fir. A spicy and uplifting, citrusy, festive winter scent.

We use only the best carrier oils, wax and butters. There’s no cheap fillers, we wanted to formulate a balm that truly promotes strong and healthy beard growth and improves condition. Additionally, these oils and butters will tone, moisturise and improve skin condition. Calms irritation, treats and prevents ingrown hairs, the blends will banish beard itch and discomfort. These balms can be used to complement our beard oils. The balms can be considered as having additional light styling and hold properties, as the wax and butters help to tame flyaway hairs and form a protective layer.

Each balm is hand blended and hand poured into a 60ml aluminium tin that closes with a screw top. We do not add synthetic preservatives to our balms, so please keep water out of the tin and apply with clean and dry hands.

All ingredients are vegan and cruelty free in origin. The components and the finished product are not tested on other animals.

Every one of our beard balms contain the following blend of wax, butters and oils:

Jojoba Wax – A fantastic healing wax, with additional anti-microbial properties. Due to being very close to the chemical composition of our natural skin oils (sebum), this wax makes an ideal base for the balm. A nutritious substitute for beeswax, suitable for sensitive or irritated skin.

Shea Butter – Moisturises dry skin and hair, soothes itchy skin, regular use will help with blemishes and wrinkles, heals minor wounds and skin cracks.

Mango Butter – A useful emollient with healing and regenerative properties, a good source of essential fatty acids. Highly moisturising with a non-greasy finish.

Coconut Oil – Just solid at room temperature that melts on contact with skin, ideal for all skin types including dry, itchy and sensitive skins.

Carrot Tissue – An oil rich in the orange-coloured liquid extracted from carrot tissue. Beta-carotene and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and F make this nourishing and regenerative. Anti-aging and easily absorbed.

Cherry Kernel Oil – A light and penetrating oil, feels great on the skin. Rich in natural antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E.

Hempseed – Unique essential fatty acids impart an array of health benefits. Used to treat common skin conditions such as eczema. Nourishing for skin and hair and effective at reducing inflammation.

Argan – An oil rich in linoleic acid, omega 6, and tocopherols. Adds nourishing and regenerative properties. Essential fatty acids can reduce inflammation, phytosterols protect collagen and phenolic compounds neutralise free radicals.

Broccoli Seed Oil- Another light and easily absorbed oil, protects against thermal damage and smooths the hair cuticle. Contains erucic acid, another omega-fatty acid, which imparts a silicone-like sheen and adds lustre to hair.

Essential oils unique to our Krampus range:

Sweet orange – uplifting citrus, refreshing and healing oil

Cedarwood – sweet and woody scent, can be reminiscent of sandalwood with anti-inflammatory properties.

CInnamon – stimulating spicy oil, improves circulation

Siberian fir – fresh, woody, and earthy. Reminiscent of the great outdoors.

Our balm base does contain butters and oil from tree nut kernels, so please test the product before using on a small area of skin such as inner elbow if you suspect that you may be allergic to any ingredients. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts. It is the protein in the nut that causes an allergic response, these should be removed during processing, but these proteins could remain in trace amounts.